Countdown To Oblivion – Top Five Anti-War Songs…#1

Number One……..

Masters Of War – Bob Dylan


More Protest? >>> 5  4 3 2 1

Authored by Dale Nickey:

Some Anti-war songs implore the clueless youth to stop getting sucked in and lay down their rifles and go home. Other songs just decry the madness of it all. But here, Dylan goes straight for the source; the oligarchs and chickenhawks that stir things up, write the checks, and then sit in the luxury box and watch the carnage play out from a safe distance.  Dylan’s unpleasant twang is the perfect delivery medium for this bitterly detailed screed against the military industrial complex. This is as direct and unequivocal as Dylan would get on any subject.  On “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”, Dylan goes all obtuse and Felliniesque’ on our ass. “Hard Rain” is a great piece of anti-war art for those listening from a pew in the choir section. But on “Masters Of War”, Dylan seems hell bent on fomenting revolution and sounds truly pissed.  Are you listening Vlade?


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