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Writer/Musician/Producer Dale Nickey has released two solo albums this century. 2001’s “Time Takes No Prisoners”  and his new release “A Distant Different Past” are currently available on I-Tunes and CD baby.  Nickey has had his reviews and essays published in the international YES online magazine “Notes From The Edge” and the new music website, “The Stereo Lounge”.  Dale has just completed a book on his experiences in the music industry titled “Bottomfeeders”.  Nickey’s experience as a performing and studio musician brings to his writing a unique ‘inside baseball’ perspective that is both informative and entertaining.  Dale currently lives in Thousand Oaks with his family.

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  1. Hello my name is Don Smith and in 1979-80 i lived with Larry embry in the Wilshire district of Los Angeles. I am very sad to see he has passed. The Larry I knew was a true artist and did it all for the right reasons. I talked to him last in about 1990. I was wondering if you had some spare time you could call me at 503-791-8789. I sure would appreciate it as I considered Larry a very special person and I just knew he would make it on his terms and along the way he would acquire many like minded people. I was very lucky to have known Larry and I shall never forget him . Thank you and as Larry used to say “Pyramid Power”. Atleast when we hung together.

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