COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION – Top Five Greatest ANTI-WAR Songs – # 4

The Call Up – (The Clash)

Authored by Dale Nickey:

Great thing about The Clash;  they could get as loud and abrasive as you wanted. But, they could also sheath their upraised fists in a velvet glove when the song required. The “Call Up” (a British euphemism for ‘the draft’) is just such a song. Introducing the song with “Hup, two, three, four…I am the Marine Corps!” they then make a reasoned plea to all those conscripted to kill without question. The answer is simple. Just refuse to fight and render the war machine impotent.  Clash front-man Joe Strummer, calms his raspy bark into a gentler instrument of persuasion. The tune is housed in a graceful reggae- tinged march and discreet synthesizer textures draw you in further. Key line, “It’s fifty-five minutes past eleven…” references the symbolic nuclear clock social scientists used as a countdown to Armaggedon.

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