FABULOUS FIRSTS: Debut Albums That Shook My Little World – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd (Piper At The Gates Of Dawn) :

Gee, I wonder where The Beatles dreamed up all the weird and wonderful ideas that gave us Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane? I guess it was just a coincidence that Pink Floyd was recording their first album just down the hall at the same time The Beatles were entering their most musically adventurous phase. I’m sure Paul McCartney’s visit to The Floyds session for a listen had no influence at all on what The Fabs were doing…yeah sure.

Pink Floyd entered EMI studios with LSD addled leader Syd Barrett and recorded an album of wacked-out yet tightly focused ditties and acid jams that changed music forever. Anything was possible after this paradigm shifting debut. Pink Floyd not only established its brand; but it created a whole new musical dialect (psychedelia) and gave us a Rock and Roll icon for the ages (Barrett) in one shot. Pretty good for a rookie combo.


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