The Sclerotic Six – Bands that should have called it a day…

Authored by Dale Nickey:

Nothing wrong with hangin’ on to yesterday. Rock Music in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was the big kid on the block and still in the process of inventing itself. Many of the bands on this list took body blows from the Punk and New Wave movements in the late 70’s and early 80’s, only to rise from the ashes for a heroic comeback. Now? Enough is enough. Hey guys! I’ve stopped buying your records and coming to your concerts decades ago. I would really prefer to remember you the way you (we) were…

The Who

With Roger Daltry’s voice in tatters and the signature rhythm section of Keith Moon and John Entwhistle looking down from heaven, it boggles the mind how Pete Townsend can call his current lineup The Who. All this after they (wisely) announced their final tour in the mid-1980’s. Wha happened?


The high maintenance kings of Progressive Rock never met a pay packet they didn’t like. That can be the only reason they continue diluting their legacy with a parade of tribute singers in place of original visionary Jon Anderson. Further, snubbing founding guitarist Peter Banks at their Hall of Fame induction left an unpleasant aftertaste not soon forgotten. The current line-up boasts no original band members.

The Rolling Stones

Having reached their creative peak around 1973, The Stones persist. They trudge on selling out stadiums and making crappy records. Now, they sustain interest as a medical experiment only. How long can they go before one – or all – of the members expire on stage from natural causes?


Three quarters of the original band are still alive and kicking. However, an Asia concert will (most times) find none of them on stage; this, courtesy of the band’s decision to allow latter day Asian, John Payne to franchise the name with his ad-hoc ensembles of no-name proggers. Shameful.


For fuck’s sake, how can you seriously walk on stage and use the Queen brand with Adam Lambert at the mic?  Or Paul Rodgers for that matter?  Both men are top notch front men; however without Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor should just tend to the legacy and see that Freddie’s grave is kept clean. Kudos to bassist John Deacon for steering clear of this mess. Keep yourself alive by all means, but no more of this.

The Eagles

I’m probably the wrong writer for a dispassionate look at the relevance of The Eagles in today’s music landscape. Or, in the words of the immortal Big Lebowski, “I hate the fuckin’ Eagles”. However, prejudice aside, it’s clear they will never put out another “Hotel California” nor are they capable of another “The Long Run”. Vince Gill in the role of Glenn Frey was a form of sacrilege with few comparisons. Like The Beatles before them, they defined and conquered their respective decade (the 70’s). They should let it be.


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