Top 10 List – Non-Traditional Holiday Songs – “Everybody’s Waiting for The Man with The Bag” (Brini Maxwell)

Authored by Dale Nickey:

# 10

Early in the new millennium, New York drag icon Brini Maxwell (aka Ben Sander) lit up the stodgy Style Network with The Brini Maxwell Show; an offbeat home improvement/cooking program that gave helpful tips on how to make stoplight dip, proper escalator etiquette (you stand in front of your date going down), and decorating your home with thrift-shop art. Think of a younger, hotter Martha Stewart crossed with the sauce and sass of Eve Arden (yes, I’m that old). 1960’s kitsch with an industrial strength twist.

The show was so subversive and had so many layers of irony, it’s a minor miracle that it lasted two seasons. In a perfect world it would have gone mega.

Brini also sings. “Everybody’s Waiting for The Man With The Bag” is one of my holiday favorites. But, I consider Brini Maxwell’s version definative.


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