Morning Music Funnies – Meet Me At Bergner’s (The Shags)

The Shags were a 1960’s band that hailed from Peoria Ill. (Not to be confused with the spectacularly inept female Outsider band The Shaggs). The Shags’ legacy (for better or worse) will be forever defined by this monument to kitsch “Meet Me at Bergner’s”; a TV commercial for a local…….well, we are not completely sure.  All we know for sure is that The Shags are inviting the world to meet them there.

Art once considered inconsequential can transcend time and fashion to become high art of a different kind. The greatest aspect of this video is the total and complete absence of irony. Its ‘awfulness’ is it’s most enduring quality. The “dance troupe” is particularly noteworthy. Probably the daughters of those lions of industry that presided over the Bergner’s empire. White kids sans dope and precious little soul. And, the “GoGo” dancers? You tell me……

The Shags no doubt thought this a positive step forward in their pursuit of world conquest.


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