Glenn Cornick – Founding Member of Jethro Tull (1947-2014)….

Glenn Cornick (1947-2014)


Glenn Cornick was the original bass player in Jethro Tull. All of Tull’s records up until The album “Aqualung” featured Glenn’s bass work. He then formed the band Wild Turkey and later formed the band Paris with Bob Welch. He was a monster musician. Go put on Jethro Tull’s
“Stand Up” album. Listen to the electric bass cadenza in the middle of the instrumental “Bouree’”. It took the best bass solo ever delivered on record to upstage Ian Anderson. Glenn delivered a recorded performance for the ages.

I remember Glenn when he used to hang out with Virginia and The Slims. Probably had a crush on Virginia. They met at Madam Wongs bar. Or was it The Hong Kong Cafe’? This was L.A. in the late 70’s. Anyway, one time at a rehearsal, when we were between bass players, he jammed with us. I knew the chords to the Tull standard, “We Used to Know”. He seemed to enjoy that. He was the first hero I got to jam with. He played slide bass using an empty beer can. I offered him a gig with our band right on the spot. He was graciously non-committal. Glenn had just audited his publishing, which yielded him a nice $50,000 royalty check for his only writing credit off the first Tull album “This Was”. He treated himself to a Cadillac. It was 1978 or 79 and he had some manager who was trying to hook him up in the new “Punk, New Wave” thing. I saw him perform with some little band at the long gone B&R Saloon. He was the star of the show of course. Had his name written across the neck of his bass for all the world to see. Had a little green streak in his hair as a token nod to punk fashion.

I remember the first time Virginia and The Slims played The Troubadour. Great gig. He was the first person to offer me a handshake when I got offstage. He would party with us after gigs. Always had a smile on his face and was friendly. We disagreed on the band Yes. He thought they were “a bit too clever”.  A music shop owner (who seemed credible) told me he was excised from Tull because his stage presence was so dynamic. I believe him. Ian Anderson said it was because of an incompatibility in lifestyle. Listen to Glenn’s work in Tull. They’ve never had a bass player to match Glenn since. And, they’ve gone through many. Goodbye Glenn. So ironic your departure fell on the same day as my first gig at the House of Blues… playing bass.


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