About The Author – Dale Nickey

Dale Nickey is currently the executive editor, writer and creator of The Muse Patrol. The Muse Patrol was conceived as a ‘music only’ online magazine focusing on non-commercial forms of music. However, the mission of The Muse Patrol has expanded to include off-beat observations of classic music, as well as Outsider Music. Negative reviews are not part of The Muse Patrol’s mission statement. However, pointed comment on the foibles of artists we love is fair territory.

Dale Nickey’s unique “inside baseball” perspective on music and music-makers is informed by his forty-six years of experience as a musician, producer and songwriter. Nickey has three critically acclaimed solo albums in worldwide release: 2001’s “Time Takes No Prisoners”, the 2012 acoustic anthology, “A Distant Different Past” and the 2015 album, “The Hourglass Eye”. All are are available from I-Tunes and CD Baby as well as numerous other online retailers. The author currently lives in Ventura Co. with his family and is currently planning the release of a ‘digital only’ collection of electronic soundscapes.



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