80’s Bands That Time Forgot (Spotlight) – TEX TOWNES AND HIS TWO TONE TRANCE BAND

Authored by Dale Nickey:

Tex Townes And His Two Tone Trance Band (Spoken Word and Post Psychodelic Trance Music) 1985

This music on this album inhabits the same windswept, tumbleweed strewn artistic landscape as Captain Beefheart, latter day Tom Waits and Lawrence Ferlingetti.

Jimmy (Tex) Townes was an original with a big O.  Having played in his band a year,  I can testify to the man’s artistic and personal integrity. Tex (Jimmy) was a Shaman and a Bohemian.  The real deal. On this record,  scratchy, tuba buttressed, free-form jams lay the bedrock for Tex’s stoney, witch-doctor rants about God, dogs, Amerika, things that are good, nature and the language of art.  This would be Townes’ only official release. Spoken Word and Post Psychodelic Trance Music is like a message in a bottle found by the side of a desert road.  The CD is available from Rabadash Records; every home should own one .

Jimmy (Tex) Townes passed in winter 2004.  His wonderful species is now extinct……

Listen to free samples at Tex’s ITUNES PAGE


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