80’s Bands That Time Forgot (Spotlight) – HUMANOIDS ON PARADE

Authored by Dale Nickey:

Humanoids on Parade (HOP) 1984

Hungarian Synthesizer maestro Adam Rado spent the 70’s composing rock operas only a selected few would hear. However in the 80’s he decided to retrofit his muse, form a band, and hit the LA clubs.  Along the way Rado released a fine collection of electronic, dance-floor pop that both embraced and lampooned the trendier aspects of  Californicating culture. Titles like “I Got Left By Mister Right”, “TV Relationships”, and “Living On The Fault-line” were delivered by the blond & brunette vocal tag team of  Tina Gullickson and  Mikki Norris with equal parts motown sass and party girl pathos.  The beats slammed.  Their collectible vinyl 12″ EP  Humanoids On Parade  can be yours for about 25 bucks if you search the web hard enough. 


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