Larry Dean Embry – Guitarist/Artist/Producer (1958-2013)


The Howlers – “All Blues”
Larry Dean Embry (Vocals/Guitar)


Click here>>>>> Larry Dean Embry – All Blues

Larry Dean Embry has passed and left a gaping void in my life that I’m still coming to grips with. He would want you to remember him as a guitar player. He was a lot of other things. But, that’s what gave him his swagger and confidence, and was the main road that led to all his other accomplishments, Songwriter, Singer, Engineer, Producer, Studio Owner, Visionary and Rebel. He was also a great and generous friend.

I will be posting videos and music Larry created for the next few days. Until I can find the strength to write a comprehensive tribute to the man.

Here is  Larry’s first vocal on record. I took it off the vinyl LP “The Howlers” . Larry also plays great guitar on it. Also on the track was Garth Hudson (The Band) on Keys, Dominic Bakewell on bass, Rivers McDogg on flute and Joe Sala on Trumpet.

NOTE: The easiest and quickest way to make this track available was to digitize and load it on MY Soundcloud site. IF you see my name associated, that is why…..


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