Top 10 “Story Songs” # 9 Suzanne Vega (The Queen And The Soldier)

By Dale Nickey:

No. 9……

  “The Queen And The Soldier” – Suzanne Vega (1985)

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I once read a quote that said, “Honor thy limitation as hidden intent”. Suzanne Vega’s enduring strength is that fact she never oversells a song. Not an acrobatic vocalist; Vega’s conversational, deadpan delivery pairs perfectly with this timeless epic. Rooted deeply in folk; “The Queen And The Soldier” has the familiar elements of chivalry, loyalty, betrayal and murder that are the hallmarks of old English balladry. The strong and pretty melody supported by the brittle jangle of an arppegiated acoustic guitar mirrors the psychological complexity of The Queen. A beautiful work that elevated Vega to the elite league of songwriters.


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