Top 10 Countdown “The Singing Bassist” # 1 (Paul McCartney)

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Paul McCartney – (The Beatles/Wings/Solo) 


The prototype. What the hell was that thing he was playing on the Ed Sullivan Show anyway? Looked like a violin. The other two Beatles are playing guitar. What was Paul doing? The Beatles pioneered a lot of shit that we take for granted now.  The Beatles career as a live concern was relatively short. However, we saw enough of McCartney to know that he was the real deal. “All My Loving” is all you need to know about Paul’s virtuosity. Play and sing that if you can. The Beatles debut “Please, Please Me” was cut live in the studio. Singing and playing live. One of the most monumental albums ever made on many levels. Also a clinic for any aspiring Singer/Bassist. Paul took the lead, sang exquisite contrapuntal harmonies and (with Ringo Starr) kept the groove nailed down tight without the aid of a click track.

Despite recorded evidence to the contrary, there is a sizable contingent of musicians who stubbornly maintain The Beatles were ‘no big deal’ as musicians.  I submit the following video for your consideration.  I don’t particularly like the tune “Silly Love Songs”. But, watch Paul split his brain in two and walk the tightrope without a net before a crowd of 50,000 at the Kingdome in Seattle.


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