Rock And Roll Hall of Shame (Spotlight) – Fairport Convention


The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame carries a stink. Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner is also co-founder of the R&R Hall. And it is common knowledge that his personal musical taste dictates the nomination list. The list fails to include some of the more accomplished British and Canadian Bands or any artist he ‘don’t cotton to’.  He seems to have a particular distaste for British artists in the progressive wing of rock music.

What The Band is to America, Fairport Convention is to the British Isles.  Fairport Convention gave British traditional music its groove back with an electric make-over. Any band that spawns two  super-talents like Richard Thompson and Sandy Denny, earns their hall-pass for that reason alone. However, there are other reasons. They are universally credited as the inventing the genre of British Folk Rock. Their masterpiece “Liege And Lief” has been a common sighting in The Rolling Stone “Top 100 Albums” list.  From their musical loins sprang the great Steeleye Span and a host of other “Celtic Rock” bands. Of course,  they could also be held responsible for aiding and abetting later Celtic Pop phenomena Riverdance and The Celtic Women. However, we won’t hold that against them.


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