Indie Albums Time Forgot – Bjork – “Bjork”

Bjork (Bjork) 1977 – Yes, I know.  What’s Bjork doing on this list? Well, long before her international success, an 11-year-old Bjork was shuttled into a studio by some Icelandic impresarios (including her step-father). Björk appeared on Icelandic radio singing “I Love to Love” through the music school she attended, which led her to a record deal.  She whispered and cooed her way through several covers (including the ‘Fabs’  “Fool On The Hill”).  Bjork’s Ministry of Information would prefer you not know about this record.  In fact, her second solo album was titled “Debut” to throw us off the scent.  Last time I saw this album for sale on-line, the asking price was stratospheric.

The album was successful enough to merit a follow-up. However, a precociously independent Bjork vetoed the deal, preferring to spend her royalties on a piano for the purpose of composition.  “Bjork” is a curio, not a masterpiece, but Bjork’s original muse can be found here, gestating like an extraterrestrial seed/pod; waiting for the day it would rise and take over…. DA VERLD!!

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