Fabulous Firsts – Debut Albums That Changed My Little World (Suzanne Vega)l

Suzanne Vega (1985)

Timing is everything. By 1985record companies had taken a lengthy sabbatical from all things singer- songwritery. U2 and The Clash had held sway over music business long enough. Punk’s wimpy spawn (New Wave) was rapidly wearing out its welcome. Ear fatigued music consumers were clearly looking for a pallet cleanser. Enter Suzanne Vega with her Manhattan coffee-house monotone and a clutch full of thoughtful and tuneful loft-pop ruminations. Rooted in folk music; Vega had the Dylanesque’ knack for dishing out lyrics that didn’t really spell out what they were about but sounded full of meaning anyway. Songs like “Small, Blue Thing”, “Some Journey” and “Marlene On The Wall” reek of quiet desperation – American Style.

The 80’s were a weird decade. Anybody with brains knew the 1960’s party was over. The 1970’s were the hangover. The 80’s decade was the first act of the last gasp. Vega’s songs perfectly captured the feeling of isolation one feels when surrounded by a buzzing city of lost souls. Vega would go on to greater fame and compile a solid and impressive discography, but her debut has the tunes and gestalt in abundance. Too bad the cover art is so blah…


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