R&R Hall Of Shame (Spotlight) – KISS

Author: Dale Nickey

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame carries a stink. Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner is also co-founder of the R&R Hall. And it is common knowledge that his personal musical taste dictates the nomination list. The list fails to include some of the more accomplished British and Canadian Bands or any artist he ‘don’t cotton to’.  He seems to have a particular distaste for British artists in the progressive wing of rock music.


100 million albums sold 

As much as it pains me, what’s right is right. KISS  should be in The Hall. Think of all the reasons you hate KISS.  Pretty much the same reasons our parents hated The Beatles. If you’re a 14 year old horny teenage boy….”Rock And Roll All Nite” is your anthem regardless of century. Sales aren’t everything but keee..ryst they sold 100 million!

They even had a lightweight MOR ballad “Beth” that went Top Ten (sung by their drummer no less).  Gene Simmons could gain admittance as a non-performer all by his lonesome.  He is the penultimate R&R huckster/empressario in the grand P.T. Barnum tradition. Kiss took Kabuki chic, English Glam and added a dollup of good old fashioned American blood and carnage.  Insane Clown Posse’ (among others) obviously took detailed notes. After KISS everything in rock had to be bigger and louder. They’ve  left a huge platform bootprint on the industry.

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